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A Mobile Strategy to Get IT Going

Survey results from the housing move-in for fall semester report that on average, each student is bringing two devices that will connect to the SSU wireless and student residential (ResNet) networks. UIS understands that when it comes to staying connected, IT matters.

UIS conducted a Campus-wide student survey during the first month of fall semester. The data from this survey identifies a range of 1-7 devices being used per student. This is consistent with the nationwide increase of multi-device users – also known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). BYOD requires that both SSU students and IT have a solid strategy for reliable and consistent wireless connectivity on the SSU networks.

UIS committing resources to the appropriate level of usage demand requires that we make wise investments in the technologies that support a scalable architecture for secure and reliable network access. Access points, bandwidth capacity, network access control and licensing comprise the variable factors for deploying Mobile IT.

Each of these variables may occasionally serve as a frustration point to the end user by impacting the quality of service received and the extent to which consistent expectations are realized. Current licensing at SSU limits the number of devices a student can use to simultaneously access the residential network to two devices, and the number of devices able to simultaneously access the SSU wireless network in academic classrooms and labs, to five.

Based on the data reported by students in the completed surveys, UIS understands it must have plans in place to support anticipated growth and the changes in current technologies. UIS continues to evaluate all mobile usage and performance data while enhancing capacity on the network as needed. These enhancements could include expanding the number and types of mobile devices allowed on the network.

UIS is currently engaged in an effort to upgrade all wireless technology on campus and to replace the current network access control technology being used. These upgrades will allow for additional capacity for mobile users on campus and will allow students to have more control over network access. For example, in the future students will be able to register their own devices (MAC address) for social gaming, rather than submitting them to UIS for processing.

UIS offers the following suggestions for improving mobile access:

Change Your Password

When UIS establishes your initial network account password, you are required to reset your password. Until this is accomplished, none of your devices will connect to the SSU networks.

It is necessary this task be completed before attempting to connect any of your mobile devices. After 90 days, a password change will be required again to keep your connectivity active. It is important to update your password on all of your devices after your account password is changed in order to stay connected.

Keep Your System Up To Date

If your device is running the Microsoft Windows Operating System, be sure the anti-virus and OS patches are current on your device. The network access control system requires these to be current and will require you to update them - and denies access until you do so, if you wait too long. UIS understands this can be a tedious task to manage, but it is a priority for us to ensure that you have a safe and secure network to access your most critical resources when needed.

The Heart of Mobility

As you continue to add devices to your technology portfolio, your laptop continues to serve as the heart of your mobile experience. This is true because it can serve as the docking station for your other wireless devices. By connecting your laptop to the SSU network using a wired connection, you get a dedicated connection from which your other devices can connect to, for updates and downloads. With the increase in wired connectivity speed (up to 100Mbps), you will have time to spend on other tasks, or to use the updated device as soon as possible.

If UIS can help you improve your Mobile IT experience on campus, please contact us with your questions.

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