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Data Trivia for $200

The clue reads: “FedEx MPS Shipment 796541162905 Delivered”.

If you answered, “What is a weekly confirmation email sent by FedEx to UIS stating that a return shipment has arrived from its SSU’s secure off-site data vaulting service,” then you are correct.

One of many service tasks charged to UIS operations is the nightly backup, encryption and secure-transport of Shawnee State’s institutional data off-site. This is accomplished for the purpose of restoring mission critical services in the case of a declared disaster on campus.

Institutional data that resides on servers maintained by UIS is backed up nightly using the latest data encryption technologies. This data is securely stored on high performance tapes that are placed in containers, picked up by the carrier weekly and transported to a secure data vault in Dublin, Ohio.

UIS maintains a defined 365 day rotation schedule and log of backups that are successfully completed, based on departmental business needs and institutional requirements. This means that certain data continues to grow incrementally in storage at the facility while other data tapes are returned to UIS as the latest backup data replaces it.

For example, Shawnee State utilizes an enterprise document imaging technology that reduces the amount of paper document storage required on campus, for efficiency and secure storage purposes. All academic and administrative data that is imaged is included in the nightly backups and is stored off-site for recovery if needed.

If you would like to know more about document imaging and how it can be utilized in your department or if you have any questions about data backups please contact UIS. We invite you to play an active role for improving the security and usability of your departmental data.

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