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Wireless/Residential Network Participant's Agreement

By the act of connecting your personal computer or other approved devices to the SSU Wireless/Residential (Wired & Wireless) Network connections found in student housing or the wireless network found on Shawnee State University’s campus, a student/staff (Participant) is agreeing to the rules and guidelines contained within this document and all other documents that may proceed.

To make the SSU Wireless/Residential (Wired & Wireless) Network as useful, accessible, and effective as possible, there are certain expectations and rules for Participants. In addition to common courtesy as network users, the following terms of agreement must be adhered to by participants and failure to honor the terms of the agreement can result in a suspension or loss of your networking privileges at the University.

From this point forward the term “Wireless/Residential (Wired & Wireless) Network” will be referred to as the “Network” and will be considered any wireless or wired network that is managed by UIS intended for individuals to connect personally owned and approved devices.

Use of the Network services is a privilege and it is the responsibility of each user to utilize these services appropriately.

Terms of Agreement

  1. Inclusion:
    Selection of inclusion is entirely at the discretion of the Participant, UIS and Shawnee State. The SSU Network is provided with the understanding that it serves primarily as an academic tool. Except for the residential portion of the Network, the University reserves the right to limit or prohibit those activities that might interfere with the network’s academic or administrative use.
  2. Suspension:
    A Participant’s network access may be suspended or disabled for violating this agreement or provisions of the other policies/conditions/guidelines governing the use of network and computing services at Shawnee State University. Suspensions can also occur if the Participant’s system is deemed a threat to other computers on the network (e.g., virus infection, security intrusion).
  3. Minimum System Requirements:
    For the best quality of service we suggest a computer running one of the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 or OS X 10.7.
  4. Governing Policies:
    By connecting a host (computer, game console or any other approved device utilizing the network) to the Network, users are bound to and required to adhere to all aspects of Campus Computer and Network Use Policy 5.30 and the Conditions for Use of Campus Computing Resources as well as any and all University, city, county, state and federal regulations, and the following Network specific rules:
    1. Network access is not permitted for non-affiliates of Shawnee State University without prior Guest approval by a supporting University department.
    2. Participants may not assign their own IP addresses, change the IP address assigned to them by UIS, or manually configure IP addresses.
    3. The network connection may not be used to attempt unauthorized access to any system, or files of any system, or restricted portions of networks to monitor network traffic or to do network routing or serving.
  5. Peer-to-Peer File Sharing:
    Shawnee State University restricts illegal peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing on our campus network. P2P technologies may be used for legitimate purposes such as instructional gaming, open source downloads, and licensed distribution of media files; however, the use of P2P software to violate copyright law carries a number of possible sanctions, including loss of Internet access, internal disciplinary actions, and even civil or criminal charges. Shawnee State University takes our obligation under The Higher Education Opportunity Act (H.R. 4137), as well as all other State and Federal legislations that address P2P file sharing, very seriously and will make all efforts to comply with authorities if a Participant of the Shawnee State University Network are suspected of violations
  6. Access to Systems:
    UIS staff may require access to a Participant’s computer to maintain network operations. Participant agrees to provide reasonable access to their machine, and to the necessary modifications required to provide network communications and maintain acceptable performance standards.
  7. Network Access Prerequisites:
    To successfully connect to the Network, each Participant must first install the required software on their computer. UIS uses Network Access Control technology to ensure that current MS Windows updates and the required anti-virus/anti-malware software are properly installed and running. To continue network access users must ensure that they have properly configured their computer to receive the latest definition files for each required product. Failure to comply with these prerequisites will result in disconnection from the network until all prerequisites are met.

    For other devices that have been approved to connect to the Network, refer to the Gaming Consoles on the Residential Network Guidelines document.
  8. Periodic Host Scans:
    UIS reserves the right to perform periodic host scans to ensure there is no security vulnerabilities on computers connected to the Network.

    If a computer is found vulnerable the Participant will be contacted and advised to make the necessary corrections within a specified time period. If the vulnerability is severe the Participant will be temporarily disconnected until corrective action is taken.
  9. Responsibility for All Users:
    Participants are ultimately responsible for any and all network use or communication traffic originating from their personally-owned computer/devices, regardless of the actual author of such traffic.
  10. Disclaimer of Liability:
    Participants connecting computers and other approved devices to the Network or seeking technical assistance in order to connect computers to the Network understand and agree that Shawnee State University, its contractors, employees, representatives and agents volunteering to help the Participant set up the computer assumes no responsibility for a user’s loss of time, data or other loss due to unavailable network services or network outages. With full knowledge of the risks involved the Participant waives any claim whether in tort or contract, for any damage including but not limited to loss of data, programs, and hardware which may result from work, as well as suggested or required downloads on the Participant’s personal computer. Furthermore, the Participant agrees to hold harmless, Shawnee State University, its contactors, employees, and agents from any liability of damages the Participant might incur or cause to others. In addition to this waiver of any claim of damages, the Participant agrees to assume the risks associated with computer assistance. The Participant agrees to this waiver, hold harmless agreement and assumption of risk without reservation and certify that the Participant has had the opportunity to ask any questions concerning the risks that might be involved with this computer assistance. UIS is charged with ensuring that the Participants can connect their personally owned devices to the Network. It is at the discretion of the UIS staff the extent to which it will trouble shoot and/or resolve issues related specifically to the equipment.

Disclaimer – Document Content

The information contained in this document will be modified when warranted and without prior notice.

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