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Gaming Consoles - Residential Network Guidelines/Procedures

Students are permitted to connect their game consoles and other approved devices to the residential network for gaming purposes. Similar to connecting a personal computer to the wired or wireless network in housing, the student (Participant) is agreeing to the rules and guidelines contained within this document and all other documents that may proceed.

Approved gaming devices for the Residential Network

The following is a list of approved devices that are permitted to connect to the Residential Network:

PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii (with added LAN adaptor)
PlayStation 4 Nintendo Wii U
Xbox 360 Nintendo 3DS/DSi
Xbox One PlayStation Vita/PSP

UIS has the discretion to limit the types of devices allowed on the Residential Network based on its capacity to operate as a game-specific device. This list will be reviewed and updated as appropriate.

Steps for connecting your approved gaming device

  1. For an approved gaming device to function on the Residential Network, the Participant must first register their Media Access Control (MAC) address with UIS. Once the participant has obtained the MAC address the form found at the link below must be submitted. For assistance with locating the MAC address refer to the owner’s manual of the device.

    Click here to Register your MAC Address

  2. The submitted form will automatically create a ticket and if filled out completely and accurately an assignment will be made to an appropriate UIS technician. The information will then be registered with UIS and the approved gaming device will be permitted to connect to the Residential Network.
  3. All submitted forms will be completed within two (2) business days.
  4. While most approved gaming devices have a wireless network card, UIS encourages using the wired connection for the approved gaming devices (where appropriate) . As a special note due to numerous conflicts with the current wireless technology in the Nintendo Wii, owners of a Nintendo Wii must purchase a Nintendo Wii LAN Adapter.

Support for approved gaming devices

Allow two (2) business days for connectivity to be established after submitting the form before contacting UIS.

After the two (2) business days, if the approved gaming device still has issues connecting please contact the Help Desk via email In the email please include the following: Name, SSU Email, Phone Number, Housing Address and MAC address. The Help Desk will then assign the ticket to the appropriate UIS technician to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

The level of support UIS can provide for gaming devices is limited to ensuring the MAC Address has been correctly entered and the network port (if connecting through a wired connection) is active. UIS staff is not able to troubleshoot the actual game console for operation.

UIS does not restrict the bandwidth for the Residential Network; this can lead to poor performance for online gaming or even “time outs” for online gaming. UIS is not able to resolve these issues.

Attention PlayStation 3 Users : PS3 does not make use of a set of standard ports similar to X-Box consoles. This means that even though you have connectivity and able to sign into PSN you may still encounter difficulties when playing online games. If your online game still does not work please send an email to including, your name, phone number, SSU email address, housing address and the game you are attempting to play. In addition to this information the student is responsible for providing the necessary ports needed for online play. UIS will verify the ports are able to be opened then make the appropriate changes.

Disclaimer – Document Content

The information contained in this document can be modified when warranted and without prior notice.

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