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Microsoft License Agreement

Shawnee State University, in conjunction with the Inter-University Council (IUC) of Ohio, has signed a Microsoft Volume Licensing Enrollment of Education Solutions (EES) subscription.

License Benefits

This license agreement offers students the most economical access to key Microsoft products on campus. The following are benefits of the Microsoft Agreement:

  • Provides access to widely used Microsoft Desktop software for faculty, staff and students. The Macintosh platform is included in the Desktop Suite available.
  • Provides an affordable opportunity to work with Microsoft software used by professors in class instruction.
  • Allows for Home Use Rights for the Office 2016 used by faculty and staff, to complete work-related tasks at home.
  • Provides the framework for compatibility for Microsoft desktop support across the University by providing access to the latest versions.

Who is eligible to receive the Microsoft software?

You must be an enrolled students or faculty/staff currently affiliate with Shawnee State University. Microsoft has strict requirements for verification and tracking of software licenses issued through this subscription.

Who is not eligible?

Any individual not described as an enrolled student, faculty or staff is not permitted to download/install the software. For example, the following people are not eligible:

  • Anyone enrolled exclusively in noncredit courses;
  • Conference attendees;
  • Alumni;
  • Retired faculty or staff;
  • Visitors;
  • Parents, spouses, or siblings of enrolled SSU students
  • Companies and their employees, who have been hired by SSU on a contractual basis for services on campus or off campus.

Downloading Office 2016

To download and install Microsoft® Office at no cost to you for use on your personally owned computers log into Office 365 and click on the “Install Office” button. Each student receives five installs of Microsoft® Office through their Office 365 account provided by SSU.

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