Connecting IT for Guests and Visitors

Follow these steps to connect your Computer to the SSU network

  1. Please notify your event sponsor or the Office of Events that you will need guest access, at least one week before arriving on campus. UIS will create any needed guest accounts and provide you or the sponsor the login information.

  2. To connect wirelessly with a laptop, click on the wireless icon - wireless icon - in the system tray near the clock. A list of available networks will appear. Choose the Wi-Fi network that corresponds to your building (ex. UC-East for University Center), and click on “Connect”.

  3. To connect with a smartphone or tablet, please refer to your device manufacturer’s documentation for instructions on how to connect your device to Wi-Fi. Connect to the Wi-Fi network that corresponds to your building (ex. UC-East for University Center).

  4. Once you are successfully connected to Wi-Fi, open your web browser and attempt to navigate to a non-Shawnee web page. You will briefly see a message that you are being automatically re-directed. You will then arrive at the “Network Access” log on screen.

  5. Enter your guest account username and password in the box on the left, and then choose “Guest” from the drop-down box. Click “Log In”. The guest account username and password will be provided by UIS.

    Logging In

  6. After you log in, the SSU Network Authentication screen will verify that you’ve successfully logged in. You will then have unlimited access to the internet on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

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