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The Payroll Office supports the mission of Shawnee State University through recognizing the importance of knowledge and values. We strive for excellent service to the University community through providing support services in the area of payroll. Our services to the University community include the accurate and timely payment of all University faculty, staff and student employees; preparing and distributing all employee tax forms at year-end; complying with state and federal regulatory requirements as they relate to the accurate and timely payment of employment taxes; and all other payroll related requirements.

Payroll Office Staff

Corey Culbertson, B.B.A.
Manager, Payroll Systems & Services
016 Administration
(740) 351-3324
Ashley Stewart, B.B.A.
Payroll Fellow
016 Administration
(740) 351-3104
Dave Zender, M.Ed.
Director of Labor Relations and Organization & Staff Development
(740) 351-3398


Calendar Year 2017 W2’s

Please note the following important information regarding your 2017 W2’s;

·         This year only, W2’s will be mailed to you.  Subsequent years you will have the option to access online or have them mailed to you.

·         Due to a mid-year software conversion, you will receive two W2’s from two different vendors (ATS and ADP).  One for January through June from ATS and the other for July through December from ADP.  Please note, you will have to have to combine the box totals of both W2’s when filing with the IRS

·         Please use this conversion chart when filing box 14 data.  As an example, if you contribute to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) you will have to combine the first half figures from code of PERS with the second half figures from code of RETIRE. 

Important Information

Bear Trax Job Aids

The Bear Trax payroll platform supports the much-awaited implementation of electronic timekeeping. Users are able to schedule leave and record time in one place with manager approvals and payroll processing occurring completely within the system. This paperless process provides both employees and managers with direct access to timecards, leave balances, and other information. In addition, an improved Statement of Earnings is available to all employees.

Payroll Schedules

W-2 Information

Payroll Forms

Student Work Study Information

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