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HR Forms

Welcome to our HR Forms page.  From here you should be able to locate any form you need. Contact HR at extension 3464 if there is a specific form you need to have included on this page.


Authorization Forms

Background Check Authorization

Direct Deposit Authorization

MVR Authorization

Name/Address Change Authorization

Pay Card Authorization

 Authorization and Guidelines


Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Information & Forms


Employment/Pay Forms

Instructional Employment Contract

One Time Pay Contract

Request to Hire

Supplemental-Temporary Employment Contract


New Hire Forms

New Hire Guide/Instructions

Employee Data form

I-9 Employment Eligibility form

Federal Tax form

 Ohio Tax form

Fraud Hotline Notice & Complaint Information

Kentucky Tax form

West Virginia Tax form

 Reciprocity Statement - for those residing in KY or WV

Non-Resident Alien Tax form

Non-Resident Tax Instructions



Retirement Forms

Retirement Plan Election form - for election of OPERS or STRS or an Alternative Retirement Plan

SSA-1945 form - Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job NOT COVERED by Social Security

OPERS - New Employee Enroll form (Personal History Record, Form A)

OPERS - Address/Bank Change form

OPERS - Re-employ Retiree Enroll notice

OPERS - Money Purchase Annuity - Beneficiary Designation form for re-employed retiree

OPERS - Request for Exemption for Student Worker form (STU F-3)

OPERS - Request for Exemption Instructions

OPERS - Refund Request - for the Traditional Retirement Account


STRS - New Faculty Notice (Form 50-279b)

STRS - Re-employ Retiree Notice


Request For Leave Form

Request for Leave - for requesting Vacation, Sick, Comp, FMLA, etc. leave

Miscellaneous Forms

OPEDCP Enroll form - for enrollment into the Ohio Deferred Compensation Plan (457b)


SRA Vendors - list of Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) Vendors

Salary Reduction form - to authorize payroll deduction into a SRA plan (403b)





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