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Employee Benefits

Shawnee State University recognizes the importance of being able to provide our employees and their families with quality benefits as part of their overall compensation package. As such, we have developed a comprehensive benefits package that delivers quality and value while satisfying the diverse needs of our workforce.

Human Resources has a service-oriented benefits team dedicated to offering professional consultation and support to employees and their families. General questions regarding benefits offered at SSU can be directed to our benefits staff members:

Malonda Johnson, B.S., P.H.R.
Associate Director of Human Resources
016C Administration
(740) 351-3484

Susie Ross
Human Resources Coordinator
018A Administration
(740) 351-3481

SSU maintains a generous benefits package for their employees. An overall summary for each employee group is provided. For more detailed information on specific benefits, you can refer to the applicable sections listed below.

Benefit Summaries

Faculty Full Time
Administration Full Time | Part Time
Administrative Technical Support Staff Full Time | Part Time
Support Staff Full Time | Part Time
Law Enforcement Full Time | Part Time

Health Care Information

Healthcare Contribution Rates for 2014 are:

Employee Contribution Rates

Anthem Medical & Dental

Medical Benefits Summary
Dental Benefits Summary
Affidavit of Dependent for Ohio Group Coverage
Dental Claim Form
Preventive Care Overview
Enrollment Form

Express Scripts Prescriptions

Rx Plan Benefits Summary
Rx Preferred Drug List
Rx Mail Service Order form
Rx Reimbursement Claim form

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

VSP Benefits Summary
VSP Network - Portsmouth area
VSP Out-of-Network Reimburse form

Affordable Care Act 

What does the Mandate mean to me?
Insurance Marketplace Notice
Glossary of Terms

Same Sex Domestic Partner Benefit Information

Same-Sex Domestic Partner - Information Sheet Same-Sex Domestic Partner - Termination Affidavit    
Same-Sex Domestic Partner - FAQ's Certification of Tax Qualified Dependent(s) Form
Same-Sex Domestic Partner - Affidavit Re-Certification of Tax Qualified Dependent(s) Form

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Information

Ameriflex Website Navigation Directions Enrollment Form (Participation Agreement)
How to Use Your FSA Card Claim Reimbursement Form
Quick Reference  


Employee Meal Plan Discount Program

Meal Plan Offer

Meal Plan Payroll Deduction form


Privacy Notice

Retirement Benefits

Retirement Plan Election form

ARP Vendors

ARP Vendor change form

ARP-STRS Comparison

OPERS Law Enforcement

OPERS New Employee enroll form

OPERS Re-employment of Retiree

OPERS Money Purchase Annuity

STRS Plan Compare


Supplemental Retirement Vendors

Supplemental Retirement Salary Reduction form

Supplemental Retirement - Ohio Deferred Comp (OPEDCP)

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