General Education Program

Advising Procedure for the General Education Program


  • If you plan to transfer to another state institution in Ohio, contact the GEP Director for advice concerning the state‚Äôs transfer module for general education.
  • By the 60th credit hour attempted, you must declare a major or be accepted into a selective program.
  • Most categories in the General Education Program allow you to choose from a list of approved courses. In these cases, it is wise to consult with your academic advisor since some degree programs require particular courses within these lists.
  • You should complete the following categories of the General Education Program as soon as possible: English Composition and Quantitative Reasoning. English Composition is often a prerequisite for other courses in the GEP. Likewise, courses in Quantitative Reasoning are prerequisites for some science courses as well as a number of degree program requirements.
  • In order to take Senior Seminar, you must have senior standing (at least 75 semester hours) and complete 31 hours of GEP coursework (all of the GEP except for Senior Seminar).


If you have any questions, contact Phil Blau, Ph.D., Director of the General Education Program, at (740) 351-3443.

General Education Program

Contact Information

Phil Blau, Director
Vern Riffe Center for the Arts, Room 313

Shawnee State University
940 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662

Phone: (740) 351-3443

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