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A list of policies and procedures which may be of interest:

Policy/Procedure Recommendation & Approval Form

When submitting policies and/or procedures or guidelines to the Office of General Counsel for review, please attach both a redline and clean version, along with a Recommendation & Approval Form. Following its review, the Office of General Counsel will forward all documents to the Office of the President for approval of a procedure guideline, or recommendation of a policy to the Board of Trustees. The Office of General Counsel will maintain the original Recommendation & Approval Form, and return a copy to you for your files.

  • Recommendation & Approval Form (Please use Internet Explorer 9 or above when opening this document, to correctly display the electronic signature field within the PDF).


Policy Tech is a workflow software designed to streamline the process of policy management at SSU. Collaboration through PolicyTech simplifies the process of drafting new policies and reviewing and revising existing ones. Version control ensures everyone is working from the same draft. Reminders alert administrators when it's time to conduct periodic review. For questions regarding PolicyTech, contact Sarah Brown at (740) 351-3046.

PolicyTech Portal

Policy/Procedure Templates

 Policy Development Guidance

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