Ohio’s Ethics Law

SSU employees are subject to Ohio’s Ethics Law that prohibits the sale of goods or services to the University if the employee or a family member(s) could personally benefit from the contract or have some other unlawful interest in the contract. Nor may employees solicit or accept anything of value from a vendor or potential vendor with the university. These ethical prohibitions apply to all employees, including those with signature authority. For more detailed information, click on the Ohio Ethics Commission links below. 

Ethics Policy 5.32

Information from the Ohio Ethics Commission

1. Ethics is Everybody’s Business

2. State Official or Employee Selling Goods or Services to State Agency

3. Accepting Gifts, Meals, Entertainment, or Other Things of Value

Ohio Ethics Commission E-Courses:

The Ohio Ethics Law and Conflict of Interest
What is a conflict of interest? Must it be avoided? How do I respond if I have a conflict?

The Ohio Ethics Law and Public Contracts
Definitions, examples and prohibitions.

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