Contract Information

Shawnee State University enters into many agreements that cover a wide range of topics, including construction, purchases of goods and services, research agreements, software licenses and student internship programs. This page is designed to assist University employees who manage contracts on behalf of the university. Questions regarding the information on this page should be directed to the Office of General Counsel, (740) 351-3046. 

Signature Authority Required
Contracts may only be signed by University employees or officials who have authority, pursuant to University Policy and Procedure, 5.27 Signature Authority for Contracts. (Authorization may vary, depending on the nature of the contract and dollar amount.) No SSU employee may sign a contract or otherwise make any promise to a vendor, consultant or other third party that could bind the University without such authority. Anyone who signs or enters into a contract without appropriate authorization is subject to discipline and may be held personally responsible for the contract. Please note that authority to sign a purchase order or approve a requisition is not the same as authority to sign a contract. 

University Contract Intake and Review Process:
Guidelines for University Contracts
Contract Routing Flow Chart
Contract Intake Form
State of Ohio Contract Restrictions

Contract Templates
Contract Review Process Required
General Counsel-approved contract templates have been created for certain University divisions and situations. Use of these templates will expedite the contract review process, although modifications may be needed. Template contracts must still be submitted to for appropriate intake. Again, only employees with authorization under SSU's signature policy may sign template-based contracts. 

Commonly Used Contract Templates:
Clinical Affiliation Template
Consulting Agreement
Speaker Contract (Academic Affairs)
Speaker Contract (Student Affairs)
Small Venue Entertainment
Transportation Contract

Post-Contract Disputes
Disputes with a vendor that arise after a contract is made effective, should be reported immediately to the appropriate division administrator and the General Counsel.

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