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Spring 2015 Graduates and Faculty

Dear CAS Faculty,

Over the course of this academic year, I want to provide you with weekly snippets that I’m entitling “Did you know?” Some of this information will be common knowledge but some might be pretty obscure. I will try to condense everything into a few sentences or paragraphs and leave you with a link or a contact to find out more. Please give me feedback on whether these e-mails have value.

Jeff Bauer

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Former Dean of Arts and Sciences 

Links to Did You Know e-mails:

Academic misconduct in your classroom
Students who might be having problems
What happens when you have to cancel class
Midterm progress reports
How are we accredited?
University excused absences
Title IX and pregnancy
Priority registration
Student evaluations
Celebration of scholarship
Retention and tutoring services



August 30, 2014

Student conduct code

Did you know that if you accuse a student of academic misconduct (e.g. cheating, plagiarism) and would like to impose formal sanctions, you are expected to follow a procedure published in the Student Conduct CodeStudent Conduct Code (PDF), pages 16 – 20. This procedure provides faculty with clarity on how to approach these very difficult situations and provides the student with some level of due process. Formal sanctions of academic misconduct are logged into our internal records system (Feith) which gives us (and you) the ability to quickly determine if a student is a repeat offender.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Dean of Arts and Sciences 


September 6, 2014

Did you know that if one of your students is having problems (academic or non-academic) for which you are unable to provide assistance, you can seek help for the student by using the following link  http://www.shawnee.edu/retention/refer.aspx . Referred students will be contacted by either the Student Success Center (academic) or Student Affairs (non-academic) regarding appropriate resources and assistance. The referrer's name will be kept confidential. Retention is so very important to our institution and many of the problems that force students out of SSU can be fixed with timely and appropriate advice.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Dean of Arts and Sciences


September 21, 2014

Did you know that it’s important to notify (call or e-mail) your department secretary and/or chairperson if you are unable to hold class? As we move into cold and flu season, many of us will find it necessary to miss a day or two due to illness. Whenever you miss a class, your notification prior to the class meeting will allow the department secretary to place a sign on the classroom door alerting students to your absence.

For full-time faculty members, you are required by contract to submit a form Request for Leave (PDF) when missing class or office hours due to sickness, family leave, death in the family, or other reasons. This form should be completed and signed by your chairperson at your earliest possible convenience.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Dean of Arts and Sciences 


September 28, 2014

Did you know that midterm progress reports are an important part of our retention and student advising efforts. All of you will be asked to submit midterm progress reports between October 2 and 7. You will be submitting an evaluation for each of your students  (SA, UN1, UN3, UN5, and UN7). It’s very important that you complete this report so that we can reach out to those students who are struggling. Last year, I sent several dozen alerts to faculty advisors as a result of the midterm reports. Advisors were contacted if their advisees were enrolled in two or more classes in which they were likely to fail. As you can guess, these alerts are only as good as the information we get from your progress reports. If you have any questions about midterm progress reports, please contact me.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Dean of Arts and Sciences


October 4, 2014

Higher Learning Commission

Did you know that Shawnee State is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)?   Accreditation is absolutely essential for a university and yet the process of accreditation is one that most faculty and staff know little to nothing about. The HLC has three pathways to accreditation – Standard, Open, and the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP). Shawnee State was accepted into the AQIP pathway in December 2004. Since then, we have submitted two Systems Portfolios, one in 2008 and another in 2012. We will be asked to submit another Systems Portfolio in 2017-18. During that academic year, SSU will be subject to a Comprehensive Quality Review (ouch!) and Federal Compliance Review. If you would like to know more about the accreditation process, go to https://www.ncahlc.org/Pathways/aqip-home.html . Also, can you answer the following questions about our accreditation process?

  • Which office on campus is most involved with the accreditation process?
  • Who is our Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO)?
  • How is the current discussion on ELOs connected with AQIP accreditation?
  • What does S, O, OO mean in our Systems Appraisal?  If you know … how will these be changed in the next appraisal?

If you can give me answers to each of these, I owe you a cup of coffee. (Sorry—offer has expired! AMN)

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Dean of Arts and Sciences 


October 13, 2014

Did you know that students may request a University-excused absence for the following reasons:

  • University-Sponsored Activities (e.g. member of athletic team)
  • Military Service
  • Civic Duty (e.g. jury duty)
  • Medical Conditions (Illness and Accident)
  • Emergency Reasons (e.g. death in the immediate family)

In order to be eligible for a University-excused absence, the student must have been absent for 5 or more days. Students absent from classes for fewer days should consult with their faculty and/or Dean to determine appropriate allowances, if any. The University asks that all faculty be sensitive and accommodate qualified student absences when possible. For more information on student absences, go to http://www.shawnee.edu/offices/provost/academic-policies/absence-policies.aspx .

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Dean of Arts and Sciences


October 20, 2014

Did you know that Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities. It states that “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. In addition, a school must excuse a student’s absences because of pregnancy or childbirth for as long as the student’s doctor deems the absences medically necessary. When a student returns to school, she must be allowed to return to the same academic and extracurricular status as before her medical leave began.” If you have a student who is pregnant in your class, please be aware of Title IX provisions. Pregnancy FAQs (PDF)

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Dean of Arts and Sciences


October 27, 2014

Did you know that November 3-6 is priority registration for spring semester? On Monday, November 3, seniors will be able to register for spring semester classes. They will be followed by juniors, sophomores, and freshmen on November 4, 5, and 6, respectively. Open registration begins on November 7. (Note—these dates change every term. Be sure to visit the Registrar's calendar page for updates. AMN)

For full-time faculty, this is an important week to reach out to your advisees. Please reintroduce yourself, especially to those students in their earliest stages or who might be struggling, and encourage them to meet with you prior to registration. Check for adequate progress and make them aware that you can provide degree audits and/or checklists. For part-time faculty, please remind your students to register early in order to avoid being closed out of classes. For those who may have questions, direct them to their faculty advisor or appropriate chairperson.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Dean of Arts and Sciences


November 15, 2014

Did you know that student evaluations will be conducted soon (14th and 15th week of the semester)?  Your students will provide online evaluations for all classes. It’s advantageous to have as many students submit evaluations as possible. For the best results, consider the following:

  • provide class time for students to complete the evaluations (15 – 20 minutes)  
  • wait outside the classroom in case student(s) have questions
  • discuss the online evaluation system and remind students to bring their devices (e.g. IPhone, IPad, Android) during the prior class period
  • on the day of the evaluation, tell your class about the value, importance, and anonymity of their participation
  • test the WiFi signal in your classroom, if it’s poor, consider moving the class during the evaluation time

A summary of recommendations by the UFS (PDF)ad hoc committee on best practices. Please make every effort to avoid poor student participation. 

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Dean of Arts and Sciences


January 12, 2015

Celebration of Scholarship

Did you know that Celebration of Scholarship (COS), one of our most important undergraduate co-curricular activities, will be held on April 1 and 2? (April 15 & 16, 2016 –AMN.) COS provides students with an opportunity to showcase research, creative work, community service, and study abroad. Students may present in oral or poster format and are eligible for awards of cash and prizes. I hope that you will encourage all of your students to participate. Please visit http://www.shawnee.edu/academics/celebration-of-scholarship/index.aspx for more information.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Dean of Arts and Sciences


January 20, 2015

Did you know that Shawnee State only retains about 50% of its freshmen? For every baccalaureate student that we retain through graduation, the institution earns close to $10 thousand per year and $30 thousand overall in tuition and state subsidy. By increasing our retention by 1%, the University earns an additional $100 thousand dollars annually. Most importantly, every student that we graduate helps us fulfill our educational mission.

Not every student can be retained; however, we can do better. This semester, please reach out to students who may be struggling in your class and provide them with helpful information on resources like tutoring services (http://www.shawnee.edu/offices/student-success-center/ ).  Review your advisees' academic records and make an extra effort to contact those who are at-risk and in need of academic advice. 

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bauer
Dean of Arts and Sciences



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