The Office of Counseling and Psychological Services offers a variety of workshops to the University community which focus on enhancing academic skills, personal growth and development and learning to deal more effectively with personal issues or concerns. These workshops are offered throughout the year, and can be presented as a classroom presentation or in a group workshop format. To discuss or arrange for a presentation, call (740) 351-3608. Please plan to schedule presentations at least two weeks in advance to ensure the availability of the presenter for the time requested.


The following workshops are being presented by Dr. Michael Hughes:

Freshman Year Adjustment Issues
Academic Survival Skills
Improving Study/Test-Taking Skills
Coping With Test Anxiety
Learning to Manage Time
Managing Stress Effectively

The following workshops are offered (Mon-Wed only) on request by Dr. Linda Koenig:

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Group debriefing following death or traumatic event impacting a group.  Allow 2 hours.
Handling Distressed Students
C&HS Services - Allow 30 minutes.
Seizing the opportunities contained in difficult and painful life circumstances.  Allow 2 hours.
Alcohol Intervention with Athletes: Policy, Population, & Person
An overview of the four-year alcohol intervention program with SSU students.  Allow 1.5 hours.
Attitude Is Not Quite Everything
Establishing healthy relationships and communication with others.  Allow 2 hours.
First Comes Love
Identifying potentially violent/abusive relationships.  Allow 2 hours.
When Love Hurts
Identifying potentially violent/abusive relationships.  Allow 2 hours.
Sexual Relationships: Unhealthy or Illegal? - Allow 2 hours.
Sexual Assault Prevention
Consequences, red flags, rights & responsibilities.  Allow 2 hours.
The "Final" Stress
Coping with finals-related stress.  Allow 2 hours.
Coping with adjustment to college life, academic and social environments.  Allow 1 hour.
Stress, Depression, & Neural Networks
The relationship between stress and depression and the impact on brain structure.  Allow 2 hours.
R U Trippin'? (Part 1)
Early-warning signs of addiction and four-rings of defense.  Allow 2 hours.
R U Trippin'? (Part 2)
Addiction defined.  Understanding the disease of addiction and the risk of addiction.  Allow 2 hours.
Study Skills - Allow 2 hours.
Test Anxiety - Allow 1.5 hours
Time-Management Strategies - Allow 1 hour.
Establishing Goals and Getting Motivated - Allow 1.5 hours.


The following workshop is being presented by Jessica Priode:

 Please check back at a future date for Fall 2015 workshops.

The following workshops are offered on request by Jessica Priode:

Stress Management
Focusing on Honor's population.  Allow 1.5 hours.
Who is the Devil You Know
Identifying sociopathic traits in others.

The following workshops are offered on request by Anna Settle:

Effects of:
• Tobacco (Smoke & Smokeless)
• Alcohol
• Drugs (Can do specific drugs)
• Energy Drinks (with & without alcohol)
• Electronic Cigarettes Focus on harmful effects on mind, body, and relationships. 

Allow 1 hour.
Develop Positive Coping Skills - Allow 1 hour.
Buzzed & Woody - How Safe is Safe Sex?
Focus on consequences of sex while under the influence.  Allow 1 hour.

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