Workplace Basics

The First Day at Your New Job


  • Participate in opportunities to socialize with coworkers (i.e. going out to lunch the first day)
  • Pay attention to any training and ask questions!


  • Show up late or leave early
  • Check or use your cell phone all day
  • Avoid completing tasks on the first day (it's okay if you need help, this will show you are making an effort)
  • Get involved in gossip

Workplace Basics

Dress for Success!

  • Know how to dress for the environment (Business Casual, Business Professional, etc.)
  • When buying new items, keep in mind:Try setting aside outfits for the week
    • Neutral and solid-color pieces
    • Quality over quantity
    • Use accessories to dress up different pieces
    • Material (will it need to be dry cleaned?)
  • See examples of professional dress (Mannix Marketing, 2012)

Organize Your Desk!

  • An organized workspace will:
    • Increase your productivity
    • Improve your professional appearance
    • Help you remember important events/deadlines
    • Keep you focused on work goals

* Bonus Tip: Peruse professional sites or Pinterest for creative organization ideas that fit how you use your workspace.

Shared Workspaces

  • Let coworkers know about large printing or copying projects in advance
  • Report any equipment you break (you might even learn how to fix it in case it happens again!)
  • Do not stockpile shared office supplies

Communicating Professionally

  • Communicating in a Professional Manner:
  • Do not use slang
  • Participate in meetings
  • Listen to your coworkers and your boss
  • Expand your vocabulary!
    • Take note of unfamiliar words and research later
    • Be sure to ask about any terms used specifically for your responsibilities

Using the Internet

  • E-Mail Etiquette
    • Use professional language
    • Limit personal topics
    • Avoid using contractions and symbols/emoticons
    • Include contact information with your signature
    • Always proofread before sending!
  • Use your time wisely
    • Familiarize yourself with company policy
    • Some companies may monitor use!

Respect Your Boss and Colleagues

  • Be honest
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Make sure you appear approachable
  • Control strong emotions
  • Be receptive to feedback
  • Know when to address conflicts directly and when to involve HR

                                                                   Work Hard

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