Transitioning from College

Career Service's Quick Guide to Life After College

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Develop Healthy Habits

Tips for increasing your endurance to help you meet deadlines and survive those overtime days:

  • Find exercise you enjoy and do it often
  • Practice good sleep hygiene
  • Eat well for extra energy!
  • Read for leisure
  • Explore different activities and hobbies
  • Keep in touch with friends from college

Create a Budget

The numbers on that first paycheck may be tempting, but creating financial hardship will make the transition from college to work extra challenging.

  • Identify spending habits
  • Take into consideration new expenses
  • Remember: your salary is gross income before taxes. Be prepared to lose up to 30% of your paycheck to taxes, retirement deductions, and health insurance.

Be careful with student-loan debt:

  • Understand your repayment options
  • Make payments on time
  • Do not take on other debt if possible (i.e. credit cards, car loan, et cetera)

 Start saving now!

  • Use automatic transfers or payroll deduction when available.
  • Drop your change in a change jar or piggy bank.

Continue Your Professional Development!

  • Networking is always important 
  • Recognize mentors at and outside of work
  • Join a professional organization associated with your field and get involved in leadership positions
  • Keep yourself motivated by reflecting on your achievements
  • Remember, this job will most likely not be your last!



Want help creating a transition plan? Make an appointment in the Career Development office to discuss how to prepare during your senior year.

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