Part-Time Employment

Are you looking for a part-time job? Be sure to take the following steps to make your search easier.


      • E-mail and request to be put on The Bear Hunter email list, our part-time job listserv. Anytime a local employer contacts us with a part-time job, we send an email to all students registered on this list.
      • Check the Part-Time Job Postings board under Campus Life in MySSU often.
      • Learn about on-campus student employment here. You can research and apply to any on campus posting directly from this site. 
      • Visit Shawnee State University’s Human Resources office (basement of the Administration Building) to sign up for Student Employment Orientation and sign up for Intermittent Employment. Intermittent Employment opportunities are available in various departments throughout the year.
      • Take your resume into businesses and offices you’d like to work for. Even if they’re not hiring at the time, it shows initiative and they’re likely to keep it on file should a position become available. 
      • Attend Jobapalooza (September), Shawnee State University’s part-time job and volunteer fair. You should come prepared with your resume, writing utensil and paper for writing down contact information. Don't forget to dress for success! 
      • If you have a Facebook account, join Student Career Development’s page. Jobs are posted on there as we hear about them.
      • Visit Community Action on 3rd Street. They might be able to help you get a job or know about job openings. They also have applications from businesses all over Scioto County, so you can collect and fill out your applications, then take them to various businesses.
      • Join Ohio Means Jobs. You can personalize your Ohio Means Jobs profile to receive emails about jobs once a week or less often.

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