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A valuable resource when looking for an internship is through networking — gathering information through contacts.

So, how do you find these contacts? Newspapers and the Internet can be valuable sources, but they are not the only resources. When you network, you must go beyond the obvious. Don’t just look for someone who is doing the exact work that you want to do — look for other connections as well. For example, are they in a related field? Or, are they working in a completely different occupation, but for a company with whom you would like to work?

Friends, Family, & Your Neighbors

Everyone is a potential networking contact, but the only way to find out is to ask! Talk about your interests and ask your friends for suggestions. Search your own family for potential connections. As you go about your daily business you should be making contacts. The next time you visit your dentist or physician or hair stylist, tell them what you want to do for an internship and ask if they know of anyone.

Career & Internship Fairs

You should attend every career and internship fair possible. This is a chance to meet employers face-to face and network for opportunities. Listings of fairs are available under the Workshops tab of the Career Development website.

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