Internship Plan and Requirements

Your Internship Plan


You should begin planning at least two semesters prior to the time you wish to begin your internship experience!

First, take some time to think about why you want to do an internship.  Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to learn or achieve?
  • What type of work environment is best for me?
  • When do I want to do my internship? Summer? Intersession? Fall? Spring?
  • Does my economic situation demand a paid position, or can it be unpaid?
  • Do I want to get academic credit for this internship?
  • Next, use Your Internship Plan to guide your search. You will follow the same basic process when you begin your career search. Make sure you use all of the resources available to you!
  • Searching for an internship is very similar to searching for a job.Significant research, planning, and preparation are required to create your ideal experience. Check out some great internship search sites here.  
  • An internet search and career fairs such as Jobapalooza and JobFest at SSU provide great opportunities with potential employers.
  • see the "Job Search Strategies" tab for additional information.

Internship Requirements

  • Each internship must be supervised by both an on-campus faculty advisor or Student Career Development staff member and an off-campus site supervisor.
  • Student interns are required to meet with on-campus faculty advisor or Student Career Development staff members on a regularly scheduled basis during the semester.
  • If the proper paperwork is completed before the internship begins, students can receive 3 academic hours of credit for no less than 108 hours of on-site experience.
  • The grade awarded for the internship is the prerogative of the faculty advisor, based on evaluations from the site supervisor, regular meetings with the student, final evaluations, and any additional work required by the faculty advisor.
  • To participate in an internship, students must have sophomore standing (30+ credits earned) and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher

Creating your Own Internship: Send Contact Email

  • When you have established the type of work and/or career you want to experience through your internship, compose an email to reach out to potential companies you are interested in.
  • An example of a contact email should include a brief summary about yourself, why you are reaching out, why you feel a particular company is a good match for you, and your availability and contact information.

Internship Guide and Opportunities

  • Internship Programs, A Guide for Students
  • Post your resume for employers and search for internships and co-ops in Ohio here.
  • Apply for an Internship
  • Be sure to attend Jobapalooza on Wednesday, September 2nd, Internship Interview Day on Wednesday, September 23rd and JobFest on Tuesday, March 22nd. For more information regarding these events, please visit our events page

What to Expect During an Internship Experience

  • Working and Acting Like a Full-Time Employee
    • You will participate, engage, and embody the role of a full-time employee. Even if you are an intern, show your employer and fellow employees your skills and abilities through projects, leadership opportunities and activities.
  • Little or No "Hand-holding"
    • It will be your responsibility to develop relationships with your peers and colleagues. They will likely provide help and advice if you seek it, but you must be proactive and polite. Don't wait for them to come to you.
  • Office Etiquette
    • You should always be mindful of your actions.Internships can be thought of as an "ongoing interview," as your professionalism will be constantly evaluated by the company. You will need to understand and abide by the rules and policies of your company.
  • Embracing Teamwork
    • It will be in your best interest to form good relationships with your colleagues and peers. Chances are you will be collaborating on projects and activities. 
  • Keep a Record of Tasks Completed
    • This will prove useful when updating your resume. Ask for feedback on your projects and note improvements when necessary. 
  • Click here to see how an intern typically spends their day. (Image by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 2015) 

Leaving a Good Impression

  • Even if you did not enjoy your overall experience during your internship, you should still make the effort to end your time with the company on a positive note.
  • If you are interested in a full-time position, let your supervisor know! Ask for advice for the best ways to pursue the opportunity.
  • Send proper "goodbye" emails to all those you worked with on your last day. Be sure to provide your contact information to keep in touch and connect.
  • Transition incomplete projects by documenting your process and debriefing full-time employees.


Students will complete the following forms before the internship begins: Internship Registration Form and Internship Proposal, Internship Memorandum of Understanding, and Non-Paid Internship Agreement Form and Liability Form. All of these forms can be found in the Internship Guide for Students


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