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Shawnee State University serves as lead institution for new TVI program


August 10, 2017


SSU will collaborate with four other partner institutions of higher education.

The Ohio Deans Compact on Exceptional Children announced the approval of the first multi-institution preparation program designed to increase the number of teachers of students with visual impairments (TVIs) in Ohio, and Shawnee State University will serve as the lead institution for the new TVI Consortium program.

SSU will collaborate with four other partner institutions of higher education, Kent State University, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, University of Rio Grande and Youngstown State University. All five universities will work together to provide a common on-line curriculum leading to TVI licensure.

TVI Consortium is part of the work of the Low Incidence Sensory Disability Collaborative initiated through the Deans Compact with support and leadership from the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Higher Education. It will be a four-semester program designed as a post-baccalaureate licensure only program that will be open to individuals who hold a standard teaching license and/or an intervention specialist license in an area other than visual impairment (VI).

The TVI Consortium will provide students with low incidence sensory disabilities (LISD) in Ohio with expert teachers they need since many programs for students with VI and LISD are closing due to high costs at a national level. The program will combat severe shortages of LISD providers across large areas of the state and, more specifically, Ohio’s rural south and southeastern counties. The new shared, on-line licensure program will allow teachers to remain in their local communities while becoming TVIs.

Dr. Paul Madden, Dean of SSU’s College of Professional Studies, was instrumental in assuming a lead role in the development of the LISD Collaborative. “Shawnee State University is committed to being a part of the solution for addressing the needs of students in the southern and southeastern region of the state. In fact, SSU is dedicated to a solution for the entire state through our active engagement with colleagues in P12 schools, agencies and in other institutions looking for new ways to approach the learning needs of students and the preparation and support of educators to meet these needs,” said Dr. Madden.

Teachers are currently being recruited for fall 2017 and will progress through a curriculum as a cohort. Financial support is available to cover tuition, fees and materials for the program.

For more information about the TVI Consortium, please contact Karen Koehler, PhD, VI Program Director at Shawnee State University, at kkoehler@shawnee.edu. For more information about the Ohio Deans Compact, contact Deborah Telfer, PhD, Director, University of Cincinnati Systems Development & Improvement Center, at deorah.telfer@uc.edu or visit the Compact website at www.ohiodeanscompact.org.


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