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Shawnee State University to host Tennis Opening Ceremony


March 20, 2017


The ceremony will be at 3 pm on Weds., March 22 at the Dr. William E. Daehler Tennis Center.

Shawnee State University will host an opening ceremony to honor Dr. William E. Daehler and the inaugural SSU’s men’s tennis program at 3 p.m. on Weds., March 22 at the Dr. William E. Daehler Tennis Center located on campus at 200 Union Street.

The ceremony will recognize Dr. Daehler, a longtime supporter of Shawnee State tennis, for his generosity and help with the initial investment in the creation of the men’s tennis program, which was part of Phase I of the Athletics Expansion Plan.

“I am honored to be a part of SSU’s tennis program as we begin a new era with the men’s tennis team. Thanks to Dr. Daehler’s generosity, President Kurtz’s leadership and Mr. Hamilton’s directions, the men’s and women’s tennis programs have an incredibly solid foundation,” said Steve Boone, Head Tennis Coach. “Of course, the current men and women who make up the teams are also uniquely instrumental in building upon this foundation, and the amount of dedication and passion they possess make them great ambassadors both on and off the court in setting the standards for future players.”

“This is a great moment for SSU Athletics as we embark on the next chapter in the tennis program thanks to the generosity of Dr. Daehler and President Kurtz’s vision of the Athletics Department. I see a lot of potential for our tennis programs under Coach Boone’s direction to prosper with local and regional talent that we’ll be able to bring in,” said Hamilton. “I’m very excited to see the young men and women we currently have represent SSU on the courts and believe they will continue to improve in the years to come.”

Following the opening ceremony will be SSU’s home opener match against Ohio Christian University starting at 4 p.m. Currently, both of SSU’s tennis teams are 1-0 after their season opening victory over Mount Vernon Nazarene.


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