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Shawnee State University students travel to Europe as part of summer course


July 22, 2016


Five SSU students traveled Europe with Nicholas Meriwether, Professor of Philosophy.

Five Shawnee State University students along with Nicholas Meriwether, Professor of Philosophy, traveled abroad Europe as part of a special summer course focusing on modern European history and art.

The course was taught by both Meriwether and Mich Nyawalo, Assistant Professor of World Literature. The first session of the summer course covered European history and culture, with a focus on the modern period. The tour was closely integrated into the lectures, discussions and readings for the course.

The trip to Europe began June 26 and ended July 12, for a total duration of 16 days. The group traveled to five cities in four different countries: Paris, France, Berlin and Dresden, Germany, Prague, Czech Republic, and Vienna, Austria. The group also made other trips to Chartres, France and Wittenberg, Germany. They visited places such as, Versailles Palace, the Louvre Museum, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, and the Schönbrunn Palace.

The SSU students that participated in the Europe tour were Jonathan Brashear, Alexis Conley, Kelle Craft, Katherine Meriwether and Jess Patrick.

“There is no better way to gain a solid understanding of Western history, thought, and art than a course-and-tour such as the one we took,” said Professor Meriwether. “The students experienced some of the incredible achievements as well as the tragedies of the Western civilization.”

The European tour was made possible through the Betty Hodgden Fund, and was offered in conjunction with the SSU Philosophy and Religion Major and the SSU Honors Program.


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