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Professor Sean Dunne published in Salon


November 2


Sean Dunne, Assistant Professor of Sociology, was published in Salon on October 23, 2015.

Shawnee State University’s Sean Dunne, Assistant Professor of Sociology, co-wrote an article with Denison University’s Professor Jack Shuler that was published in Salon on October 23, 2015.

The article titled, “I’ll Fight ‘til My Knuckles Bleed for Others on Death Row,” tells the remarkable story of Derrick Jamison who was wrongfully accused and sentenced to die and finally exonerated.

The article starts at the beginning of Jamison’s journey back in 1984 when he was first accused and arrested for the murder of Gary Mitchell, a Cincinnati bartender, who was killed during a robbery to his release in 2005. In all, Jamison spent 20 years in prison, seventeen of them on death row where he had already planned out his last meal and made arrangements for his body.

The article brings to light as to what is really at stake with the issue of the death penalty. According to the Innocence Project, over one-third of death row exonerees, Jamison included, have not been adequately compensated. Jamison is number 119 of out of 155 death row exonerations.

“He (Mark Peipmeier, prosecutor on the case) knew he was wrong when he withheld evidence, but I don’t hold in anger. How you gonna enjoy life like that?” Jamison said in the article.

Jamison’s point in telling his story is to raise awareness about what is at stake when states enforce the capital punishment. He has made it his mission to fight for those on death row since being released.

“Derrick’s case provides not just a reminder of what’s at stake with capital punishment, but with the fundamental problems that are found within our criminal justice system,” said Dr. Dunne. “His personal story and fight against the system is inspirational.”

To read the full article, go to salon.com


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