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School Districts receive Ohio’s Straight-A-Fund Grant for New Teaching Model


January 28


SSU is partnering with 13 school districts in the Southern Ohio Appalachian Region.

Shawnee State University is partnering with 13 school districts serving five counties in the Southern Ohio Appalachian Region in the “Dual Enrollment Access in Mathematics using the Flipped Format to Increase Student Achievement” (DEAMFISA) through Ohio’s Straight-A-Fund grant.

In the flipped format, teachers record video lectures that students and parents can watch at home and students use classroom time for homework. Teachers can spend more time working one-on-one with students.

Portsmouth City School District is the lead applicant and fiscal agent for the grant with a consortium of 13 school districts including:

  • North Adams High School
  • Dawson-Bryant Local Schools
  • Eastern Local Schools
  • Green Local Schools
  • Hillsboro High School
  • Ironton St. Joseph High School
  • Manchester High School
  • Minford High School
  • New Boston High School
  • Northwest High School
  • Portsmouth High School
  • Portsmouth West High School
  • Western Local High School

“The primary goal of DEAMFISA is to increase the achievement of students in the Southern Appalachian region of Ohio by giving them the opportunity to learn mathematics at a college level through ‘flipped’ dual enrollment courses,” said Krista Maxson, Ph.D., chair of the Mathematics Department.

The secondary goal is to increase the number of dual credit opportunities in the region by supporting area math teachers seeking to earn the credentials to offer dual credit courses with the resources necessary to start the master’s in mathematics program at Shawnee State University.

The program is offered in an accessible format allowing teachers to continue their current teaching responsibilities.

Teachers will also receive tools and professional development to facilitate the creation of the dual enrollment courses in the “flipped” format.

Teams of teachers will work with SSU mathematics faculty. Through this grant, there will be 20 high school math teachers from the 13 school districts.

The teachers have been active in the online portion of professional development and will meet on SSU’s campus for a full day workshop on the flipped classroom along with eight faculty members from the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Mathematician Jerry Overmyer, creator of the Flipped Class Network, an online professional learning network for teachers using screencasting and the flipped teaching model, is facilitating the workshop.

Overmyer teaches mathematics at the University of Northern Colorado and he is the judging and volunteer coordinator for the Longs Peak Science and Engineering Fair.


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