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SSU offers interactive wellness information to students


January 10


The Office of Counseling & Health Services now provides online wellness information to students.

The Office of Counseling & Health Services at Shawnee State University is partnering with MyStudentBody® by Inflexxion to provide online interactive wellness information to students.

“We are very excited about this resource,” Linda Koenig, Ph.D., said. “The program covers a variety of health areas including, alcohol, drugs, stress, sexual health and relationships, tobacco and nutrition.”

SSU can use MyStudentBody® in a variety of ways, ranging from a first-year alcohol education to judicial sanctions to curriculum supplements.

The comprehensive program is a complete wellness and substance abuse resource that was developed with grants from the National Institutes of Health.

MyStudentBody is geared to a dual audience: sensitively combating the health-related risks of college students while addressing the administrative concerns of campus professionals.

“This program is the most comprehensive online alcohol and drug education program for college students,” Koenig said. “It offers a Student Conduct Course that helps students increase self-awareness, identify faulty decision-making, and take responsibility for their actions.”

For more information about the program, contact Linda Koenig at lkoenig@shawnee.edu. To learn more about MyStudentBody itself, visit www.mystudentbody.com.


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