Master’s Degree in Mathematical Sciences


You’re only 36 credit hours away from earning your degree!

Our fully online program includes 36 credit hours across 5000 and 6000 level courses in mathematics, statistics, probability and education research.

Successful Candidate Prerequisites

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or a related field from an accredited institution
  • Successful completion of the calculus sequence including multivariable calculus
  • Three semesters in proof-based mathematics courses with grades of B or higher
  • Potential to work independently and collaboratively
  • Access to and competency in the use of technology including internet access and proficiency in web-based communication

Core Requirements (15 credit hours – select 5 courses)
Course Credit Hours
MATH5210 Abstract Algebra I 3
MATH5220 Abstract Algebra II 3
MATH5500 Applied Regression I 3
MATH6500 Applied Regression II 3
MATH5610 Mathematical Analysis I 3
MATH5620 Mathematical Analysis II 3
Math Electives (12 credit hours – select 4 courses)
Course Credit Hours
MATH5100 Advanced Linear Algebra 3
MATH5200 Foundations of Geometry 3
MATH5300 Number Theory 3
MATH5400 Probability I 3
MATH5555 Complex Variables 3
MATH5800 Topology 3
MATH5220 Abstract Algebra II (if not used in core) 3
MATH6500 Applied Regression II (if not used in core) 3
MATH5620 Mathematical Analysis II (if not used in core) 3
Applied Research (9 credit hours - all courses required)
Course Credit Hours
MATH6610 Quantitative Methods I 2
MATH6620 Quantitative Methods II and Test Theory 2
MATH6996 Applied Research I 2
MATH6997 Applied Research II 2
MATH6998 Applied Research III 1


Program Delivery is completely Online

You will enter the program with a cohort of 15-20 students in the summer. We keep our online courses small, so you get the attention – and access to faculty - you need to succeed.

We use a variety of online tools that allow us to maintain the same personalized attention Shawnee State students have come to expect.

Some of these include:

  • Blackboard
  • AdobeConnect
  • Google Hangout
  • Screen-casting through Quicktime, Camtasia and Echo360

If some of these tools are new to you, don’t worry. We’ll get you up and running in no time.


Our faculty take your success personally

Dr. Phil Blau

Dr. Phil Blau received his Mathematics Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts in the area of ring theory.  After teaching at Boston University’s College of General Studies, he has been at Shawnee State University since the Fall of 2000, where he is currently a Professor of Mathematical Sciences and the Director of the General Education Program.  He is an active member of the MAA Ohio Section, serving as President in 2013-14, being on numerous committees, as well as handling the local arrangements for the 2007 Spring Meeting.  His current interests include studying original source material in mathematics.

Dr. Doug Darbro

Dr. Doug Darbro is a Professor of Mathematics and Director of Graduate Studies in Mathematics.  He began teaching at Shawnee State in 1994, and teaches statistics, finite math, and calculus.  He currently teaches Regression I and II, Quantitative Methods, and the Research sequence for the graduate program.  Dr. Darbro enjoys golfing, scuba diving, traveling, and all University of Kentucky sports!

Dr. David DeSario

Dr. David DeSario began teaching at Shawnee State University in the fall of 2013.  He enjoys teaching all levels of undergraduate math and looks forward to teaching Number Theory for the new graduate math program.  His dissertation research in discrete geometry involved extending the idea of angles into higher dimensions and his current work in number theory involves teaching basic properties of the natural numbers to his two young sons.

Dr. Jinlu Li

(Biography coming soon)

Dr. Preston Nichols

Dr. Preston Nichols has been teaching in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Shawnee State University since 2005, after having held teaching positions at colleges and universities including Gustavus Adolphus College and Carnegie Mellon University.  At Shawnee State he has taught a wide variety of mathematics courses, including Precalculus, Calculus, Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Geometry, and Modern Algebra. His PhD, from the University of Minnesota, focused on Geometric Analysis; his ongoing interests include anything with connections to geometry, and the use of computer algebra systems in mathematics at all levels.

Dr. John Whitaker

Dr. John Whitaker received his Ph.D. in mathematics in 1999 from Louisiana State University.  His field of mathematics is probability and he has interest analysis topics.  After receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Whitaker has been a visiting professor at Wittenberg University and Furman University.  He has been a faculty member at Shawnee State University since 2003 and is currently an associate professor of mathematics.  He enjoys teaching a variety of courses including probability, analysis, linear algebra, calculus sequence, and basic algebra courses, but delights in working with students on their math senior research projects.  Outside the classroom, he loves spending time with his family and watching Alabama Crimson Tide sporting events.

Contact Information

Masters in Mathematics
Dr. Douglas G. Darbro
Program Director
(740) 351-3441

SSU Graduate Center
940 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662
(740) 351-3177

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