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Welcome to the Office of Human Resources.

Human Resources maintains a supportive role within the overall mission of Shawnee State University.

Our mission is to provide exceptional employee services, and present leadership and guidance on strategic and key operational affairs. Human Resources is dedicated to maintaining a strong partnership with the University community, developing more effective and efficient processes, strengthening the capability of the University's labor, policy, and compliance infrastructure, and focusing on staff development opportunities.


Discounted Meal Plans for Shawnee State University Employees

Sodexo Dining Services is teaming up with Shawnee State University to offer employees discounted meal plans at the Bear’s Den cafeteria again this year. All Faculty and Staff employees can save 15% on all meals when purchased through Payroll Deduction by Wednesday, September 9, 2015. Employee “Meal Value Plan” options and costs are detailed below:

50 Meal Value Plan* for only $314.18 (deducted over 17 pay periods = $18.48/pay) -- This meal plan offers the BEST VALUE of all plans - only $6.28 for an all-you-care-to-eat experience, including beverage and dessert. If you will eat about two (2) meals per week in the Bears Den Cafeteria, this is the plan for you.
20 Meal Value Plan* for only $128.15 (deducted over 7 pay periods = $18.31/pay) -- This meal plan is perfect for you if you will eat one (1) meal per week in the Bears Den Cafeteria. At only $6.41 per meal, you receive a 15% discount and your all-you-care-to-eat experience still includes a beverage and dessert.
10 Meal Value Plan* for only $69.12 (deducted over 7 pay periods = $9.87/pay) -- This is a great starter plan if you are not sure which meal plan is best for you. The price with your 15% discount makes this plan $6.91 per meal for the all-you-care-to-eat experience and still includes a beverage and dessert.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these plans via payroll deduction, you must complete, sign, and return the attached ‘Payroll Deduction’ authorization to Human Resourcesprior to using your meal plan. Return the completed form (in person with a valid ID) to Human Resources – located in the Administration Building, Room 016.

The Deadline to sign up for payroll deduction for Fall Semester is Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall 2015 Meal Plan Payroll Deduction Authorization

  • All Meal Value Plans purchased during the Fall Semester will carry over to Spring Semester, but all meals must be used by the end of the Spring Semester.

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