Safety & Security

Committee Charge

This is a university-wide committee providing review of the university’s safety and security operations. The charge to the committee is:

  • Advise the President and Vice Presidents, as appropriate, concerning necessary enhancements to Shawnee State University’s safety and security programs;
  • Review policies and procedures related to the implementation of Shawnee State University’s safety and security programs, recommending revisions as necessary;
  • Conduct audits, or cause the conduct of audits, concerning proper implementation of Shawnee State University’s safety and security programs; and
  • Work with the President’s Office to develop a campus-wide event to raise awareness of safety and security on campus and to provide university community members with information they need to be safe and secure.

Committee Members

Elinda Boyles, (co-chair) Vice President of Finance and Administration
Dave Zender Director, Human Resources
Joe Van Deusen Assistant Director of Physical Plant
David Thoroughman (co-chair) Director of Public Safety
Gayle Massie Nursing Chair Delegate
Marla Thoroughman Chair of Medical Laboratory
Carl Hilgarth Chair of Industrial & Engineering Technologies
Andrew Napper Chair of Natural Sciences
Paul Foit (A.J.) Faculty, SEA
John Redoutey Faculty, SEA
Lisa Basham Staff, CWA
Michael Clausing Facilities, CWA
Ashley Bianchi Student, SGA

Appointed by President: Classified as a "unique CBA, Policy, or Statue-required Committee.


No minutes currently available.

Committee minutes are in PDF and are listed for the current year only. For previous meeting minutes, contact Joyce Moore.

Safety & Security

Contact Information

Sandy Duduit, Office of the President
Shawnee State University

940 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662

(740) 351-3542

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