Continuous Improvement & Mission Committee

Committee Charge

The Continuous Improvement and Mission Committee is charged with the review of, and recommendation about, University policies and practices related to continuous improvement, accreditation, and fulfillment of the University mission. Committee meetings are open to campus members and minutes are posted on the university website. Membership is constituency-based, drive from the University Faculty Senate, two University Staff Assembly members, one Student Government Association member and two ex-officio members.


Kyle Vick (Chair) UFS 2015
Ginny Pinson UFS 2015
Daniel Finnen UFS 2016
Debra Scurlock UFS 2016
Andy Napper UFS 2015
Debbie Weber UAA 2015
Jonica Burke UAA 2016
Tracy Walters USA 2016
Tess Collier USA 2015
Garry Wright SGA 2015
Chris Shaffer, Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Alan Walker (facilitator)

Appointed by the President. Classified as a "Governance Committee".


No minutes currently available  

Committee minutes are in PDF and are listed for the current year only. For previous meeting minutes, contact Joyce Moore.

Continuous Improvement & Mission Committee

Contact Information

Sandy Duduit, Office of the President
Shawnee State University
940 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662

(740) 351-3542

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