Accessibility Team

Committee Charge

The ADA Compliance Committee is a university-wide committee charged to ensure that Shawnee State University is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and to make recommendations for appropriate policies and programming.

The Committee’s charge addresses a variety of activities including training employees, increasing campus-wide awareness of ADA matters for students and employees, monitoring compliance efforts, providing technical assistance, and assuring the effective handling of concerns and complaints related to the University’s ongoing efforts to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Committee’s agenda planned for AY13-14 includes: (1) working with officials and representatives from the Department of Human Resources and Student Affairs in the continuing efforts toward improving the University’s physical environment, access issues, and academic program issues; (2) continuing to address the items identified from an extensive Compliance Report with Recommendations relative to the Section 504/ADA Self Evaluation sponsored by the Committee in AY12-13.

The Human Resources Department will be responsible for the managing and oversight of the phased-in implementation of the facility improvements and programming changes for the employee environment, and the Office of Disability Services will be responsible for student needs. The ADA Compliance Committee is charged with “ensuring that SSU is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.” The committee meets regularly and provides the following resources:

  • Training
  • Technical assistance
  • Assists with handling complaints

Committee Members

Chris Raber, Chair
Chris Meade, Member
Jim Weaver, Member
Debbie Howell, Member
Lacey Glenn, Student Member
Dave Zender, Administrative Member
Tom Hoft, Administrative Member
Butch Kotcamp, Administrative Member

Meeting Minutes

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