ADA Resources

ADA Compliance Resources

These resources are used to assist faculty and administration in creating an inclusive learning environment and ensuring compliance with ADA law at Shawnee State University. As per the current faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 11, Section 8 B, faculty members are required to include an ADA statement on course syllabi.

2012-2015 CBA Article 11, Section 8 B:

Each bargaining unit member shall be required to develop a course syllabus for each course taught during each term that reflects the course description contained in the University catalog. The course syllabus shall be distributed to students by the faculty member during the first week of classes. The course syllabus shall include, but not be limited to, the course objectives, faculty office hours, grading procedure, reading requirements, and the University’s ADA statement. The ADA statement may be obtained from the Dean and/or Provost offices. Faculty members are encouraged to post current term course syllabi on the University’s course management system.

Below is the University ADA Statement approved by ADA Compliance Committee and General Counsel; modifications may impact ADA compliance.

University ADA Statement for Course Syllabi:

Any student who believes s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a documented disability should first contact a Coordinator in the Office of Accessibility Services, Hatcher Hall, 740-351-3106 to schedule a meeting to identify potential reasonable accommodation(s). Students are strongly encouraged to initiate the accommodation process in the early part of the semester or as soon as the need is recognized. After meeting with the Coordinator, students are then required to meet with their instructors during the instructor's office hours to discuss their specific needs related to their disability. The accommodation letter will be sent to the instructor and student via e-mail prior to the semester start date. Any questions regarding the accommodations on the letter should be addressed to the Coordinator of Accessibility Services. If a student does not make a timely request for disability accommodations and/or fails to meet with the Coordinator of Accessibility Services and the instructor, a reasonable accommodation might not be able to be provided.

Key Points about Faculty's Role in ADA Compliance

Contact the ADA Compliance Committee for further information about these resources.

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