Flat Shawn E. Bear

In Celebration of our 20th Birthday as a Teacher Education Department and In the same fashion as Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown who traveled all over the world, the Department of Teacher Education at Shawnee State sent FLAT SHAWN E. BEAR to School Districts where Teacher Education Alumni are working.

Alumni were asked to take a group picture with FLAT SHAWN E. BEAR and send it back electronically to then be posted on SSU’s facebook page. Check out some of the responses below!

Children's Learning Center

Children's Learning Center

Teresa Davis (left) and Jeanna Heresh (right) employed at the Children's Learning Center.

Minford Local Schools

Minford Local Schools

Hello SSU!!!!

Here is our picture from Minford Local Schools with flat Shawn E. Bear! Several weren’t able to make it so I listed the ones that I could find out were Shawnee grads. I thought it was neat seeing how many people have employment thanks to Shawnee’s education department! I counted 29 and I am sure some there were some teachers I still didn’t get! Thanks and I hope you have a great day! God Bless You

Pictured front row, left to right: Rebecca (Day) Greene, 2009, Jodi (McGraw) Hammond, 1994, Jamie (McGraw) Jenkins, 2005, Jill (Holbrook) Gampp, 1999, Melissa (Milan) Horr, 1997.
Pictured back row, left to right: Joe Nelson, 1993, Kate (Glockner) Lemon, 2007, Carrie (Blevins) Ibarra, 2008, Melanie (VanKirk) Ramey, 1998, Kyla (Gampp) Lyon, 2012, Jill (Anderson) McFadden, 2005, Kristin (Coriell) Riley, 2000.

Not pictured: Amy (Ward) Craumer, 2008, Tara (Wells) Byrd, 1992, Jill Williams, 2000, Jessica (Driapsa) Fairley, 2008, Leah Blevins, 2006, Susan (Bussa) Bender, 1996, Lori Rolfe, 1993, Shantel (Mougey) Hammond, 1993, Amanda (Munion) Nickel, 2002, Tami (Marion) Phipps, 1997, Aaron Fenton, 2005, Paulette (Patrick) Weaver, 2000, Brent Daniels, 1996, Keith Wiehle, Sabrina (Williams) Shonkwiler, 1992, Ashley Porter, 2003, Amy Cox,2005

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