Amy Grau

Amy Grau, Ph.D.


Research interests: Media portrayals of crime, Victimization, Race, and Gender.


  • University of Cincinnati

    PH.D., Sociology, 2013
    Cincinnati, OH

  • University of Cincinnati

    M.A., Sociology, 2009
    Cincinnati, OH

  • Xavier University

    B.A., Sociology, 2007
    Cincinnati, OH

Primary Courses

  • SOCI 1101 - Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 2205 - Current Social Problems
  • SOCI 2206 - Social Institutions
  • SOCI 2207 - Introduction to Criminology
  • SOCI 2212 - Quantitative Methods in Sociology
  • SOCI 2610 - Introduction to Criminal Justice

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Grau, Amy Baumann.  “The Devil is in the Details: How News Media Coverage of Family Violence De-emphasizes Victims.”  To be presented at Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology.  November, 2016, New Orleans, LA. 
  • Grau, Amy Baumann.  “Who is the victim here?:  How offenders and victims are portrayed in news media coverage.”  Presented at 2016 Joint Meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society and North Central Sociological Association.  March 23-26, 2016, Chicago, IL.
  • Timberlake, Jeffrey, Junia Howell, Amy Baumann Grau, and Rhys H. Williams.  2015“Who ‘They’ Are Matters: Effects of Immigrant Stereotypes on Public Assessments of the Impact of Immigration.”  The Sociological Quarterly 56(2): 267-299.
  • Szaflarski, Magdalena, P. Neal Ritchey, C. Jeff Jacobson, Rhys H. Williams, Amy Baumann Grau, Karthikeyan Meganathan, Christopher D. Ellison, and Joel Tsevat.  2013.  “Faith-Based HIV Prevention and Counseling Programs: Findings from the Cincinnati Census of Religious Congregations.”  AIDS and Behavior 17(5): 1839-1854.
  • Van Gundy, Alana and Amy Baumann Grau.  2013.  Women, Incarceration, and Human Rights: Feminist Criminology and Corrections.  Ashgate Publishing. 

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