Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Pre-Occupational Therapy

Psychology, the study of behavior and cognitive processes, is a diverse field, and the Shawnee State University’s psychology program reflects that diversity with courses in a range of disciplines including developmental, social, clinical, cognitive, and biological psychology. Psychology is an immensely useful field of study, giving the student new insights into the ways that people feel, think, and behavior, as well as, the tools and methods to study these processes.

Occupational therapists work with clients to facilitate health and well-being through the use of purposeful occupational activities. Occupational therapy is a graduate-level profession. Prospective occupational therapists can major in any field, but psychology is particularly relevant to the discipline.

The psychology pre-occupational therapy curriculum integrates pre-requisite coursework required for admission to a master of occupational therapy degree program with a traditional psychology major. This degree may also be appropriate for persons seeking to become a physical therapist.

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This degree is coordinated by Dr. Rhoni Maxwell-Rader, Professor of Psychology. For additional information please contact Dr. Maxwell-Rader at (740) 351-3094 or

Career Examples

The psychology pre-occupational therapy curriculum is designed to provide psychology majors with additional coursework necessary for entrance to master of occupational therapy programs. This curriculum may also be useful for students seeking entrance to master's of physical therapy programs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists determine where dysfunction exists in terms of a client’s self-care, work, or leisure activities, and assist that client in developing the skills necessary to perform these activities independently. Learn more about occupational therapy at

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists assess and treat clients whose mobility and functionality is impaired whether by aging, disease, injury or other environmental factors. Learn more about physical therapy at

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