Physics Minor

Physics classroom

The physics minor is designed for students who are seeking employment in a physics related area or interested in applying to graduate school in physics.

This minor may accompany any baccalaureate offered by the University. Program requirements are as follows:

Required Courses

PHYS2211 Calculus-Based Physics 1 4
PHYS2212 Calculus-Based Physics 2 4
PHYS2250 Modern Physics 4
Course Title Hours


Choose at least 8 hours of courses from the following list:

PHYS3000 Intermediate Laboratory 2
PHYS3010 Thermodynamics 3
PHYS3020 Mechanics 3
PHYS4000 Electricity & Magnetism 3
PHYS4010 Quantum Mechanics 3
PHYS4495 Undergraduate Research 3 (max)
Course Title Hours

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