Geology Minor

Geology lab

Students majoring in any discipline may choose to minor in geology, which allows them to build a concentration in a natural science that enhances the marketability of their degree and prepares them for graduate school. The geology minor is designed for students seeking careers in earth science, environmental science, or entry into graduate programs in geology or environmental science.

Program requirements are as follows:

Foundational Courses (8 hours)

GEOL1201 Physical Geology 4
GEOL1202 Historical Geology 4
Course Title Hours

Earth Materials (4 hours)

Choose one course from the following:

GEOL2203 Mineralogy 4
GEOL2205 Sedimentary Petrology 4
Course Title Hours

Integrative Studies (4 hours)

Choose from the following:

GEOL2111 Introduction to Geologic Field Methods 2
GEOL3100 Field Studies in Regional Geology 1-4
GEOL4212 Advanced Geologic Mapping 2
GEOL4495 Undergraduate Research 1-4
Course Title Hours

Additional Geology (4 hours)

GEOLXXXX Any 4 credits of GEOL numbered 2000 or higher 4
Course Title Hours

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