Botany Minor

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The Department of Natural Sciences offers a minor in Botany directed toward students with an interest in the botanical sciences. Courses offered in the minor provide a foundation in plant anatomy and physiology, taxonomy, and production.  

Requirements of the minor are as follows:

Botany Minor (20-22 hours)

Botany Core Complete all courses  
BIOL1151 General Biology 1 4
BIOL1152 General Biology 2 4
BIOL4270 Plant Anatomy & Physiology 4
Plant Taxonomy Choose 6 hours  
BIOL2250 Plant Taxonomy 4
BIOL2252 Dendrology 4
BIOL3250 Spring Floral Taxonomy 2
BIOL3251 Summer Floral Taxonomy 2
BIOL3271 Nonvascular and Seedless Plants 2
BIOL3272 Phycology 2
Plant Production Choose one course  
BIOL2253 Practical Horticulture 4
BIOL3254 Economic Botany 2
BIOL3255 Forest Ecology and Management 2


Please contact Dr. Logan Minter if you have any questions about this minor.

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