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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Chemistry is often described as being the central science. It provides an atomic level description of such diverse fields as medicine, nanotechnology, and environmental science

The bachelor of science degree in chemistry prepares students for successful entry into a professional career in industry or government, a pharmaceutical degree, or graduate studies in chemistry and allied disciplines. The chemistry major provides a rigorous and comprehensive background in all aspects of chemistry.

Students interested in pharmacy school are strongly encouraged to pursue a BS in chemistry. Undergraduate research projects are offered on a regular basis and guidance is provided to all majors concerning careers in chemistry. Frequent consultation with your faculty advisor is strongly encouraged.

Degree Requirements

General Education Program   24 Hours
The Quantitative Reasoning and Natural Science components of the GEP are satisfied by the requirements of the bachelor of science in chemistry. See the GEP Requirements in the online course catalog for further information.
Chemistry Curriculum   41 Hours
Mathematics and Support Sciences   26 Hours
General Electives   33 Hours
Minimum Hours Required   124 Hours
Chemistry Curriculum (41 Hours)    
Course No. Course Cr. Hrs.
CHEM 1141 General Chemistry 1 4
CHEM 1142 General Chemistry 2 4
CHEM 3305 Organic Chemistry 1 4
CHEM 3306 Organic Chemistry 2 4
CHEM 3323 Analytical Chemistry 1 4
CHEM 3325 Analytical Chemistry 2 4
CHEM 4411 Biochemistry 3
CHEM 4431 Physical Chemistry 1 3
CHEM 4432 Physical Chemistry 2 5
CHEM 4441 Inorganic Chemistry 4
CHEM 4447 Advanced Synthesis 2
Mathematics and Support Sciences (26 Hours)
MATH 2110 Calculus 1 4
MATH 2120 Calculus 2 4
MATH 2130 Calculus 3 4
MATH 2500 Statistics 1 4
COMM 1103 Public Speaking & Human Comm. 3
PHYS 2211 Calculus-Based Physics 1 4
PHYS 2212 Calculus-Based Physics 2 4
PHYS 2201 Physics 1 4
PHYS 2202 Physics 2 4
General Electives (33 Hours)    
Personal interests and career objectives should motivate the choice of electives. Consultation with your faculty advisor is strongly recommended.

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