Program Delivery

Program Delivery

The Master of Science in Mathematics program is offered in a blended format utilizing Blackboard, AdobeConnect, Google Hangout, and screen-casting software such as Quicktime, Camtasia, and Echo360. The majority of lectures are uploaded as videos and watched before coming to campus for on-campus sessions.

The program is delivered using the “flipped classroom” approach as faculty utilize lecture capture systems to post their lectures online or on Blackboard. The lectures are posted along with supplemental materials and assignments. The on-campus sessions provide time for additional lectures, activities, labs, and exams and quizzes. The on-campus sessions play a very important role in addressing concerns with the integrity of online courses.

Students begin their program in the summer term within a cohort of approximately 12-15 students. Students are required to attend two on-campus sessions during the summer, fall, and spring semesters. The on-campus sessions for summer semesters are usually held on Mondays and Tuesdays, while the on-campus sessions for the fall and spring semesters are held on Saturdays. On-campus housing can be arranged for overnight stays during the summer semesters.


Master of Science (M.S.) in Mathematical Sciences

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