Program Curriculum

Curriculum Sequence

The curriculum sequence for the Master of Science in Mathematics program (36 hours):

Summer 1 (9 Hours) Fall 1 (5 Hours) Spring 1 (5 Hours)
  • MATH5500 Applied Regression I
  • MATH5610 Mathematical Anyalysis I or MATH5210 Abstract Algebra I
  • MATH**** Mathematical Elective I
  • MATH 5620 Mathematical Analysis I or MATH5210 Abstract Algebra I
  • MATH**** Mathematical Elective I
  • MATH5210 Abstract Algebra I or MATH5610 Mathematical Analysis I
  • MATH6620 Quantitative Methods I
Summer 2 (6 Hours) Fall 2 (5 Hours) Spring 2 (5 Hours)
  • MATH5220 Abstract Algebra II or MATH5620 Mathematical Analysis II
  • MATH6500 Regression II 
  • MATH6996 Applied Research I
  • MATH**** Mathematical Elective II
  • MATH6997 Applied Research II
  • MATH**** Mathematical Elective III
Summer 3 (1 Hour)    
  • MATH6998 Applied Research III
The goal of the program is to present a master’s degree that blends strong mathematical content with an introduction to research focusing on improving mathematics education programs, instruction, and/or courses. Topics, which may be addressed in the capstone project, are teaching and learning, methods of improving teaching effectiveness in college mathematics courses, professional development, and/or classroom dynamics and issues. The education research component will seek to create knowledge that may be used to improve education practice for dual-credit courses.

Upon successful completion of the master’s program, students will have successfully completed 27 credit-hours in content (9 three credit-hour courses), 4 credit hours in quantitative methods and test theory (2 two-hour courses), and 5-credit hours in education research (3 courses). Comprehensively, the courses will work together to blend the curriculum of college mathematics to the high school curriculum in addition to introducing students to conducting research geared toward program improvement.



Master of Science (M.S.) in Mathematical Sciences

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