Studio Arts Minor

The role of the artist in society is a complex one. Often one comes to the arts by way of another area of study. The Art Studio minor is designed to be accessible by any major and thus allow students to broaden their interests in the arts. This program is intended to aid the student in developing not only their technical skill as an artist, but also through allowing them to express ideas visually and critically. The artist skill, at its core, is the ability to communicate visually the outcome of critical thinking, analysis and reasoning.

The curriculum is based to allow non-art majors to develop an understanding and appreciation of the process and aesthetic discipline expected of a studio artist. It will require 21 semester hours of both art and art history study. Students will be required to take a portion of the art foundations sequence as well as a selection from the Art History Survey sequence. The students enrolled in the program will be able to focus on a specific area or pursue a more broad encompassing approach to their studies.


21 Semester Hours Total

Studio Core

Complete all courses.

ARTS 1101 2D Foundations 3
ARTS 1104 Creative Process 3
ARTS 1105 Digital Foundations 3
ARTH 2211 Art History Survey 1 3

Art Studio Electives

Select 9 hours from ARTS or ARTG prefix 2000 and above.


Course work may not be duplicated within the major.

Get Started

This degree is coordinated by the department chair. For information, contact (740) 351-3118.

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