Gaming Arts Minor

The role of a game designer is to create game play and visualizing the rules and parameters on which the game world must exist. To do so, a game designer must be sensitive and aware to the characteristics that take place within the confines of the virtual environment. A game designer is aware of the outcomes of decisions, be they technical or philosophical in nature. This is achieved through critical thinking, analysis of the content and its purpose. The game designer's skills, be they technical or artistic in nature, has at its core, verbal, written and visual communication. This would also give avenues for employment to non-Art and non-Engineering students within the game and simulation industries.

The Game Design minor is designed to present students with a professional game studio environment. This will provide an avenue for students who have an interest in the game/simulation development environment to explore that industry as well as identify where their particular aptitudes might be applicable. The curriculum is designed to be approachable from multiple disciplines thus allowing students to create a unique meaningful learning experience. Students who are already enrolled in the game and simulation programs will be able to explore to greater depths other complimentary fields of study without requiring multiple majors.


21 Semester Hours Total

Game Minor Core

Complete all courses.

ARTG 1501 Game Studio 3
ARTG 3530 Game Design and Documentation 1 3
ARTG 3540 Graphical User Interface 1 3

Core Electives

Choose 3 hours from the following:

ARTG 4530 Game Design and Documentation 2 3
ARTG 4540 Graphical User Interface 2 3


Choose 9 hours from the following:

ARTS 1105 Digital Foundations 3
ARTG 3601 Digital 3D Foundations 3
ARTG 3611 Inorganic 3D 1 3
ARTG 3612 Organic 3D 1 3
ARTG 4611 Inorganic 3D 2 3
ARTG 4530 Game Design and Documentation 2 3
ARTG 4540 Graphical User Interface 2 3
ARTG 4505 Digital Scene Design 3
ETGG 1801 Game Programming 1 3
ETGG 1802 Game Programming 2 3
ETGG 1803 Concepts of 3D Graphics and Mathematics 3
ETEC 1101 Structured Programming 3
MUSI 3611 Electronic Music 1 3
MUSI 3621 Recording Studio 1 3
MUSI 4611 Electronic Music 2 3
MUSI 4621 Recording Studio 2 3
ENGL 2245 Creative Writing Fiction 3
ENGL 2240 Screen Writing 3
ENGL 3305 Creative Nonfiction 3
ENGL 4480 Pop Culture and the Mass Media 3
COMM 1121 Technical Writing 3


A total of 15 hours must be unique to this minor.

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