The Requirements of the Major Explained

Degree Requirements

Requirement Hours
General Education Program 34
Major Requirements 33
Electives 57
Total Hours Required 124

General Education Requirements

More information is listed in the General Education Program in the current catalog or can be obtained from the Dean’s office. Philosophy and Religion majors are required to take PHIL 3320 Ethics in Public and Private Life to satisfy the GEP’s Ethics requirement

Major Requirements (33 Hours)

All of the following:

Course Title
PHIL 1105 Rhetoric and Reasoning
PHIL 2200 Introduction to Philosophy
RELI 2230 History of Christian Thought
PHIL 2230 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 2284 Asian Philosophy
RELI 3300 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
PHIL 3360 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 4200 Metaphysics and Epistemology
PHIL 4400 Senior Project in Philosophy and Religion

One of the following:

Course Title
RELI 2201 Old Testament Survey
RELI 2202 New Testament Survey
RELI 2203 The Qur’an

One of the following:

Course Title
  Any 3000- or 4000-level RELI or PHIL course not being used to fulfill another requirement
HIST 3170 Alternative Religions and Cults
HIST 3550 Islam: Religion, Politics, and Society
SOCI 3313 Sociology of Religion: Monotheism
SOCI 3314 Sociology of Religion: Polytheism and Eastern Religions

Additionally, students must take PHIL 3320: Ethics in Public and Private Life to fulfill the GEP's Ethics requirement.

A note about Electives

There are 11 total classes required by the major (in addition to taking PHIL 3320 to fulfill the general education Ethics requirement). Those eleven classes, between them, also fulfill three of the university's general education requirements:

  • History of Christian Thought and Introduction to Philosophy each fulfill the Western Cultural Perspectives requirement
  • Asian Philosophy fulfills the Non-Western Cultural Perspectives requirement
  • Social and Political Philosophy fulfills the Social Sciences requirement.

Completing a Philosophy and Religion major, then, will automatically involve completing 9 of the 34 units required by the general education program. (This fact, by the way, is not acknowledged in the official catalog, which results in a misleading statement of the number of units left for electives or another major.)

Between the Philosophy and Religion major and the General Education Program, the student will be therefore required only to complete a total of 58 units. That leaves 66 units free (a bachelor’s degree requires 124 total units) for electives and/or an additional major.

Class Scheduling

Each of the classes that are required for the major will be offered over the course of a two-year period. Some of the classes are offered every year (such as Ethics, Rhetoric and Reasoning, Introduction to Philosophy, History of Christian Thought, and Asian Philosophy), but some are offered only once every two years, which means that you should be on the lookout for opportunities to take them.

Consult an advisor (one of the Philosophy and Religion faculty) for help in determining your degree plan.

2015-2016 Catalog

For a complete list of courses and requirements, visit the current course catalog:

Philosophy and Religion 2015-2016 Catalog Requirements

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