Library Research Awards

Clark Memorial Library Excellence in Research Award

One $400 Excellence in Research Award will be presented during the campus Celebration of Scholarship. The award is sponsored by the Clark Memorial Library to recognize excellence in the research for a student paper or project presented during the Celebration of Scholarship 2016.

The library award recognizes excellence in an undergraduate research project that demonstrates use of the University library collections and information literacy research skills. The judges use a rubric that focuses on the research process: demonstration of information literacy research skills, adept use of library resources, and reflection upon the strategies utilized to investigate a research problem. Students that partner with librarians throughout the research process may produce an award winning project.

How to apply

  • Cover sheet should include your name, email address, date, Course code & name of course for which project was completed and the term course completed.
  • Submit research paper with bibliography conforming to standard format for references and citations using APA, MLA or appropriate subject citation style.
  • Submit an essay, no more than 500 words describing the research process that enabled you to locate the references used. The essay should provide insight into the undergraduate research experience by summarizing your discovery process-gathering the information, evaluating the information and synthesizing the information. It may be helpful to review the rubric covering the appropriate areas.
  • Student must be currently enrolled at Shawnee State University and project must have been completed during Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall 2015 or Spring 2016. You should also be registered to participate as a speaker, formal oral session, during the Celebration of Scholarship 2016.
  • Late submissions will not be considered. Submissions will not be returned; so please submit copies.
  • Please note that this award is at the discretion of the library award committee, and that their decision is final and binding. The award criteria is decided on quality and excellence. If no submission meets the award criteria the committee will not select a recipient.

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