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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Information Systems Management

The BSBA with a concentration in Information Systems Management degree is designed for the student seeking an entry-level position in the fast growing computer industry. It provides the technical knowledge and skills needed to be successful, as well as the business concepts to prepare you for a career in information management. The degree can be completed as a stand-alone degree or as a 2+2 program with the Associate of Applied Business degree with a concentration in Information Technology Management. See your advisor for more information.

Degree Requirements

GEP 31-33 hrs*
Business Core Courses 36 hrs
Required Non-Business Courses 12 hrs
Non-Business Electives 15 hrs
ISM Concentration Courses 30 hrs
Total hours required: 120 hrs

General Education Program (Total 31-33 hrs.)*

GEP Quantitative Reasoning is satisfied in Required Non-Business

Business Core Courses (Total 36 hrs)

Course Title Hours
BUAC 2010 Introduction to Financial Accounting Principles 3
BUAC 2030 Introduction to Managerial Accounting Principles 3
BUIS 1010 Computer Applications 3
BUFI 3450 Management Finance 3
BULW 2700 Legal Environment of Business 3
BUMG 2900 Professional Communications 3
BUMG 3100 Management Principles 3
BUMG 3550 Quantitative Methods in Business 3
BUMG 3850 Production/Operations Management 3
BUMG 4850 Business Policy & Strategy 3
BUMK 3100 Marketing Principles 3
BUOA XXX BUOA Elective Choose one: 3
 BUOA 1150  Spreadsheet Applications  
 BUOA 1170  Database Applications  
 BUOA 1140  Word Processing Applications  
BUIS 2100 Intro to Information Systems  

BUAC 1010/1020 may be taken as an alternative to BUAC 2010/2020 to satisfy the business core accounting requirements. Students should be aware that both Accounting sequences cover the same amount of material. Therefore, students electing the BUAC 2010/2030 should be prepared for a faster pace, more intensive coverage of the material.

Required Non-Business Courses (Total 12 hrs)

Course Title Hours
ECON 2201 Microeconomics 3
ECON 2202 Macroeconomics 3
MATH1500 Principles of Statistics 3
MATH 1700 Applied Finite Math 3

BSBA-ISM Concentration (Total 30 hrs)

Course Title Hours
BUIS 1300 Intro to Programming & Application Dev. 3
BUIS 1500 Foundations of Web Development 3
BUIS 2000 Introduction to PC Hardware/Operating Systems 3
BUIS 2700 IT Infrastructure & Internetworking 3
BUIS 3100 Data and Information Management 3
BUIS 3200 Systems Analysis and Design 3
BUIS 3600 IS Project Management 3
BUIS 3800 Enterprise Architecture 3
BUIS 4200 IS Strategy, Management & Acquisition 3

Electives (15 hrs)

Students planning to pursue graduate degrees are strongly advised to take MATH 1900 as an elective. Business majors should not take MATH 1100

Two hours of non-business courses may be in physical education (SSPE). It is important that you consult your advisor when choosing electives!

Math/English Sequence

Placement in beginning English and Math courses is determined by the Math and English Placement Test. The required Math courses in the Business Core are MATH 1500 & MATH 1700. Any non-developmental Math courses (1010 or higher) taken to meet the prerequisites for these courses may be credited as ELECTIVES toward the BSBA degree.

Transfer Credits

A minimum of 24 hours of the business core must be completed at Shawnee State University.

Upper Level/Lower Level Course Credit

Any student having earned credit for an upper-level course cannot subsequently apply credit for a lower sequence course toward graduation. Example: A student who earned credit for BUMG 3100 could not subsequently use the lower-level BUMG 2100 to receive course credits toward graduation. This is also applicable to BUFI 2450 and BUMK 2100.

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