Associate in Applied Business and Information Technology Management

The Information Technology Management associate degree program is designed to meet the manpower demand of industries, government, and educational institutions.

In addition to theoretical fundamentals, practical aspects of computer systems in business are emphasized. Hands-on opportunity is provided and encouraged.

Graduates of this program are fully prepared to enter employment as computer programmers, operators, or microcomputer specialists in computer installations or application departments. Graduates of this technology receive an associate degree in applied business and are eligible to enroll in the 2+2 program.

Program contents cover the various areas in the information systems field. Languages offered include Visual BASIC, COBOL, C++, and HTML. The student has the opportunity to gain experience in several operating environments, among them Windows 95 and Windows NT. Object oriented programming, systems analysis, database management, data communications, Internet, and web page building classes are available. Popular applications packages, such as Office 2000, are explored.

Degree Requirements

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