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Spotlight On Harley Debord

What's in a logo?

Shawnee State University senior, Harley Debord, was assigned the important task of creating the university’s new Oracle cloud system logo. In November 2016, the project team voted to name the new system BearTrax.  

Harley started his student internship with the Marketing and Communications department in October 2016, and was excited to work on something big for the university. Harley started the design process by brainstorming words that he associated with the BearTrax platform. Some words that came to mind were movement, tracking, progressive, easy and high tech. From there, he started to doodle. He was inspired by Shawn E. Bear, the university's mascot, but wanted to make the logo original enough to stand alone yet still be cohesive with the university’s branding. After several iterations and input from across campus, the new BearTrax logo was born.

Harley graduates from Shawnee State University in May 2017 with a degree in Visual Arts and hopes to have his own design firm someday. 

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