Eddie Runkel Banner for BearTrax Interview

Spotlight On Eddie Runkel

The Shawnee State University Marketing and Communications Department, in partnership with the BearTrax project team, is developing a project website for the Oracle cloud implementation. The purpose of the website is to provide the university with real time information regarding the project and serve as a training resource for end users.

Edward (Eddie) Runkel, Shawnee State senior, has played a critical part in the design and development of the project website. Eddie joined the Marketing and Communications Department as a student intern in November 2016. Upon joining the team, he was assigned to help design and develop the BearTrax webpage, along with managing Shawnee State's main website. Eddie was excited to work on the project because it gave him the opportunity to build something new without rigid guidelines. The creative work on the BearTrax website has been a nice change of pace. The project has been a new challenge for him because it has forced him to think about how his design will impact site visitors. Eddie has preserved the continuity of the university's main website, while adding new design elements that speak to the project audience.

Eddie is a Digital Simulation & Gaming Engineering Technologies major and will graduate in May 2017. Eddie originally wanted to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. After taking an introductory course in mobile application development during his senior year of high school, he fell in love with the combination of math and coding. Eddie's mother encouraged him to choose Shawnee State University because of its highly ranked game design program. After graduation, Eddie is looking forward to a career in software/web development. Check out his work at www.shawnee.edu/BearTrax.

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